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How Does Blogging Improve Search Engine Optimization?

How Does Blogging Improve Search Engine Optimization?

There are multiple channels to leverage the benefits of search engine optimisation (SEO), one of which is blogging. No longer does everyone blog about their life. You can start a blog in 2023 to attract customers, broaden your reach, and boost your search engine results. The fact that 56 percent of consumers purchase from a company after reading their blog is an apt testament to the prowess of blogging and how it improves SEO. Remember, Chandler SEO companies can help! 

What is Blogging for SEO?

Simply put, blog SEO is the practice of creating and updating a website’s blog to improve search engine rankings. The approach includes keyword research, link building, content writing, image optimization, and more. Blogging is an indispensable SEO technique. It helps position a business’ website as a relevant answer to the clientele’s query. Blog posts that utilize a range of SEO techniques can expand the opportunities to rank better in search engines and make your website more appealing and trustworthy for consumers. Some of the pertinent ways by which blogging helps SEO are:

  1. Google Adores Fresh Content

Google is a sucker for fresh content. Although most search results are at least a year old for evergreen themes, updating your site with new content can still improve its overall page rank. Google gives more weight to websites with regularly updated blogs, as this indicates that the company behind the site is still operating. Google will not recommend a site with an abandoned blog part because of issues with credibility, functioning, etc. Moreover, it is noteworthy to remember that fresh content is not just essential for Google’s crawlers but also your target clientele

  1. Blogging is an Excellent Way to Infuse Keywords

Keywords are the ‘key’ to the success of any SEO campaign. They are the words or phrases people are most likely to type in when looking for a product or service you deal in. For example, if you are a baker in Chandler, AZ, your optimal keywords might include encompassing terms like ‘Chandler, AZ baker’ or ‘baker in Chandler, AZ.’ However, you would also want to incorporate other commonly used phrases, such as ‘cheesecakes near me.’ 

But, for these keywords to work and do their job, they must appear optimally on your website. Blogs are an excellent and strategic place to incorporate keywords organically and naturally. Moreover, you can also create blogs around inquiries related to your business to attract more traffic and answer common questions related to your domain.

  1. Blog Traffic Bolsters Leads

Lastly, blogs can also help your business get better leads. The math behind blog-generated leads is simple. For instance, if you have a 5 percent conversion rate, it means that for every 100 visitors per month, you get five conversions. Likewise, if the traffic to your website increases to 500 visitors per month via blogs, you have 25 conversions.

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