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Manager Career in EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 is ready to impress their community with a very immersive Career Mode.

From defining the destiny and the legacy of a football club as a manager, to showing what you’re made of on the pitch as a player, you will be able to have a lot of control creating your own football story and path. EA decided to split the Player Career and the Manager Career this year, and decided to update the two with some exciting new features. To have a smoother game experience, we suggest you to check out the FC coins for sale at U7BUY and you won’t be disappointed.

Tactical Visions

Managers play a huge role in the development of a football club, as they have a lot of responsibility on how the team is going to perform. EA implemented 7 Tactical Visions, which are 7 style of plays , and you will be able to choose which one of them fits best for your team, as it perfects the way your team approaches their football.

The 7 Tactical Visions are:   Standard: balanced approach to the game

  Wing Play: style of play based on using the full width of the team when having the possession

  Tiki Taka: A possession-based style of play, considered by many as Pep Guardiola’s philosophy of football.

  Counter Attack: defensive approach with the team ready to get to ball forward quickly

  Gegenpressing: German strategy based on high press.

  Kick & Rush: style of play built around strength and athleticism of the players

  Park The Bus: very defensive playstyle with the attempt to be very composed and ready to stop the opposition.

Tactical View

This is a new feature that made the FIFA career managers very happy. Through Tactical View you are able to watch the match from many different angles, to analyze the strength and the weaknesses of your team even better. Some of the camera angles that have been added are very enjoyable, such as the one on the stands, the one on the touchline and especially the one that is behind the manager.


Cinematic Moments

EA worked hard to give us an experience as immersive as possible when playing the Career Mode. They have partnered with the Ballon d’Or to make a very exciting cutscene showcasing the Ballon d’Or winner of the year. They also added the open top bus trophy parade, in which you will be able to celebrate the trophies that you won that year with all your supporters.

Another very cool addition is being able to win the Manager of the Year, which is presented in an extravagant gala. Ensure your team delivers great performances during that season to get an award and to create a legacy for you and the club.


For football fans, a career as a coach in EA Sports FC 24 can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Whether you aim to lead a team to victory or develop young talent, there is always something to do. With proper planning and decision-making, you can turn a mediocre team into a dominant force. Remember to maintain a balance between the team’s needs and the players’ expectations. Develop a good relationship with your players and create a positive working environment. By doing so, you can enjoy a successful career as a coach in the game. Check here for more useful tips and good deals of FC 24!
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